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    Thanks to our constant pursuit for new cars, Signature Auto Group is able to maintain an immense inventory of vehicles. Our constantly growing and diverse collection of vehicles makes us the best location for car leasing in New York City.



    While we would love to take your car in as a trade-in for a new lease or purchase, Signature Auto Group is also willing to buy your car outright, with no strings attached.



    Global factors such as production and supply chain constraints have caused the value of used cars to rise. If you have multiple vehicles in your household, it’s a great time to maybe get rid of one for some extra cash. Even if your car is financed, it may hold positive equity, allowing us to purchase it from the lender while writing you a check for the remaining balance.


    Choosing to sell your vehicle to a car dealer in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the rest of NYC like Manhattan is a great way to simplify the process. There will be no need for you to waste time advertising your car and dealing with a host of non-commital buyers. Before selling your car, you must get a rough estimate of its value. Using the plethora of available online tools, you’ll be able to find the value range of your vehicle. Be sure to account for any wear and tear as that can significantly impact its price.



    Selling your car to an auto broker or car dealer in NYC is a roughly straightforward process. After letting the staff know that you wish to sell your car, the dealer will grab the VIN and perform an inspection.



    After performing the inspection, the dealer will give you an offer on the car. From there, you will still be free to decline the offer. If the offer meets your satisfaction and is approved, the process moves forward. If you own the car outright, you can simply provide the dealership with the title or bill of sale to complete the appropriate paperwork. You can be paid anywhere from the same day to 48 hours later.



    If the car is not paid off, the process may have extra steps. You or the dealership will have to contact your finance company to request its payoff balance. If you owe less than what was offered, you’re free to sell the car and receive a check for the difference.


    Buying a car is a simple process with little room for innovation and improvement. However, Signature Auto Group strives to be the first choice when it comes to auto dealers in Brooklyn and Queens for example.



    We take customer satisfaction very seriously and train our staff to be attentive to your every need. You aren’t just treated as another number when you walk through our doors. Not only are we there to guide you every step of the way, but we also offer top dollar for your used car.



    While some dealers may refuse to take your car or provide you with a significantly lower offer if you don’t plan on buying one of their vehicles, we make sure to avoid such practices. Signature Auto Group is willing to buy your car at top dollar regardless of the situation.



    Along with our impeccable service, we have also implemented this easy-to-use online form. Just fill out the form with relevant information about your car, and our team will reach out to you.

    As a leading car broker in New York, Signature Auto Group excels in used car sales, featuring great deals from all makes and models!



    Today, the used car market is red hot, with sales continuing to climb each passing month. Various market conditions have slowed production, resulting in lower supply and increased demand. As dealers work with lower new car inventory, a pre-owned car could be the better option for many.


    Signature Auto Group NY works hard to keep a large and varied used car inventory. With us labeled as the premier leasing broker in Brooklyn and Long Island, we receive many trade-ins to our constantly growing lot. Our world-class staff maintains high standards for our used car offerings, making sure to do any necessary maintenance or touchups. Our goal is to provide the best customer service at the lowest prices in the metro NYC area.



    Compared to a new car, opting for a used car carries many benefits for NY drivers.


    • Lower Price. The most obvious and significant benefit is the cost savings. Opting for a used car allows you to get more for your money.
    • Less Depreciation. A used car will continue to save you money outside of the initial purchase price. After the first few years, a vehicle’s depreciation curve begins to flatten. This allows you to sell your car down the line with minor losses.
    • Cheaper Insurance. Due to the used car being worth less than its newer counterpart, your insurance should be cheaper as well.
    • Individually Inspected. When we take possession of a trade-in, our Miami car dealer thoroughly inspects the vehicle and does any necessary repairs.
    • More Choice. Perhaps the new version of a model doesn’t have a package, wheel, or color that it once had. Picking from a range of years allows you to find option combinations that may no longer be possible on a new vehicle.


    Whether you are looking to swap out your current car for a new lease or a used car, our team will be more than happy to buy your current car at a competitive price. Even if you do not plan on purchasing or leasing one of our numerous vehicles, we may still want to buy your car. Signature Auto Group Florida is committed to maintaining a large selection of vehicles and will pay top dollar for yours. The used car market can be highly variable. You might be surprised to find out that that car that you were previously upside down on is actually now holding positive equity, allowing you to get out with some extra cash.

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