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How the Coronavirus pandemic has changed auto sales | Car buying process has changed in NYC | Effects of COVID on auto sales

How the Coronavirus pandemic has changed auto sales | Car buying process has changed in NYC | Effects of COVID on auto sales

June 9, 2020

The changes in auto sales brought by COVID-19

Dealers and automotive brands, especially in New York City, and the Tri-state area, are changing their business strategies and investing into new sales pathways to reach the growing online consumer base. Services are changing to be geared more towards a personalized experience for a customer. We believe that the automotive sales world was already seeing a technological disruption in the recent years, but this pandemic has acted like a tipping point, which will dramatically change the industry.
Services like test drives, delivery of a new car, trade-ins, and auto financing in NYC will be done more so online from now on. Getting pre-qualified for auto financing will be even more so virtual than it already is. Waiting times at dealerships will be a thing of the past in the post-pandemic world.
Signature Auto Group has been offering complimentary delivery in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and beyond for years, thus we are ahead of the curve. Consumers will demand such convenient delivery options, as well as a more touch free process, which Signature Auto Group has pioneered during this pandemic. Our process to get you a new leased vehicle is more flexible than ever.

Online auto sales and leasing 

Coronavirus will have a noticeable impact on the online sales world within the auto industry. Consumers in this era are used to shopping online, as well as banking and receiving financing. It is only right that people will soon get used to shopping, purchasing, and financing vehicles online as well. Leasing a Jeep in Brooklyn can be done from your couch in Bay Ridge. Customers can easily build and customize their new car on Signature Auto Groups seamless website. The auto industry will surely see a large increase in demand from consumers for a more online experience.
There will be of course a loss in traditional sales due to people not being able to be out and about. This coupled with closing of some automotive manufacturing plants will hurt business in the short term. However, brands like Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda are looking to re-open their factories.


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